Wizard Wand Magnetic Tip Green Nylon Tip Spare Xenon Light Module Flourescein Strips Carrying Case
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The Wizard Wand is an innovative eye care product designed for the examination and immediate care of corneal abrasions and foreign bodies within the eye. The Wizard Wand's cobalt blue light source is a collimated, diffused, narrow spot of light which prevents shadows and irregularities in the illuminated area. The cobalt blue light effectively excites standard fluorescein dyes in order to locate corneal abrasions and translucent particles on the surface of the eye. Two fluorescein strips are included in the set.

Two attachments are included with the Wizard Wand. The lighted nylon eye loop facilitates the removal of non-metallic particles from the surface of the eye and the conjunctiva. The lighted eye magnet effectively removes non-embedded metallic particles without contacting the surface of the eye. The Wizard Wand and it's attachments can be cleaned with any cold sterilization solution such as Cidex, alcohol or peroxide. The Wizard Wand is powered by two AAA batteries.

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